a conversation with a guest

Guest: so you are the ehcp main developrt?
developer, even
Sent at 2:27 PM on Tuesday
me: yes
Sent at 2:28 PM on Tuesday
Guest: great , congratulations
that's a great piece of software
it automates most of the process involving a small website hosting company
do you offer commercial support ?
me: maybe
Sent at 2:31 PM on Tuesday
Guest: do you some sort of statistics regarding the total number of actual production deployment of ehcp ?
do you have*
me: yes, approximate statistics
i receive emails of installations and some usage
Guest: so ? can you give some numbers?
me: more than 5000 downloads so far
this means more thatn 5000 installations/ at least tries of ehcp...
currently approx 400 running servers around world... some for production, some for test
i guess and know, that
approx 50 production servers....
some with 220 domains
some with 60-70 domains
Guest: that's pretty good
me: not so bad, not so good.. :)
Guest: :)
so i noticed it's currently 0.28
me: yea, ver 0.29 is on the way
Guest: what features are you trying to implement so it could reach 1.0 level
me: with a bit easier isntall
i am not sure
i impleemnt things as requested..
there is no clear, exact roadmap....
i wish to reach ver 1.0 as it becomes most stable, error free
ver 1.0 does not mean for me, a feature complete set,
rather, it means, stable and error free with existing features...
i mean features of 1.0 not current..
my philosopy, as name implies,
based on a few things,
1- easy usage, easy development
2- stable, error free and fast
puting many features on it is not so hard, but may complicate many things...
Guest: yes exactly
me: most features in ehcp, are implemented only in a few lines of code..
full php
full opensource, gpl, free, easy modifiable, etc...
Guest: i saw a python part
which pretty in beta now
that should some sort of backend administrtor right?
me: yea, it is not being used now...
it is only an idea
Guest: aha
me: it is a workaround if apache fails
but does not work now... does nothing.
if coded, may do something
i only tried a python backend... :)
python is interesting, with even webserver inside... :)
Sent at 2:40 PM on Tuesday
Guest: yes the code looks really good
phyton in general i mean
have you ever thought of porting ehcp to yum (rpm based)
so that the installer should work in redhat/ centos too?
me: not yet,
but may be done ... with some work
i dont prefer to do
Guest: is it difficult to implement ?
me: because i am single person
cannot deal with that
if same packages exist in rpm world,
it should not be difficult
only replace apt-get with rpm -i
if not,
because, ehcp in fact, installs almost nothing itself,
installs everthing with apt-get
that is, it only brings together right pieces of hosting software
Guest: it's best effort is to make all the pieces together and creating the configuration for each individual piece
Sent at 2:45 PM on Tuesday
Guest: so if somebody would be to try to implement a port to yum (centos/redhat package maneger) what files should he look in ?


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