Let's help develop ehcp project

My name is Juan and I live in Spain.
My English is useless but I can count on my partner to translate this.

Lately I have been testing several control panels (open source, non open source). I have arrived to the conclusion that ehcp is the best solution considering the value for money (being free as it is).

We all know that it is still under development and there's still a lot of room for improvement, but if you compare it with other solutions, such as Cube Panel (which is not free), there's really not much difference.

So I want to encourage the developer to continue this way and to incorporate a bit more safety (indeed open source), such as antivirus and, specially, for the spam protection, which I believe would make this become the ideal solution.

I've been working with ehcp for two months now in a very motivating project, and it works fine.

This is my email, in case anyone wants to ask something or I can be of help to other potential users:

Best regards to all...