ehcp new features with new versions

I have many news....
after 6 new releases,
ehcp ver 0.28 released now...

New features as of ver 0.28:
* More Easy Script Installs - May be added by admin - 18 scripts now:
cms- joomla - 1.5.4
phpbb Forum script-3.02-tr
cms - drupal 6.6
CMS - xoops
netoffice Online Project Management
phpmyadmin 3.0
blog - b2evolution 2.4.5
cms - wordpress
cms - modx
cms - e107
cms - tikiwikicms - Huge !
Gallery - Coppermine
cms - cmsmadesimple
cms - e-xoops
cms - MemHT 4.01
Mediawiki 1.13.2
ecommerce - Magento ..
(With this feature, you may install these scripts to your server/domains easily..
You may suggest other scripts for inclusion here.. as reply, or contact us. .)
* Server Backup Restore improved
* templates improved
* Mail user login&change self pass
* Mysql add db to same dbuser
* Easy Redirect domain to another domain/url
* Webstats - Webalizer
* Login for server admin, reseller, domain admin, mail user,
* Able to use separate mysql server for users- Intro to multi-server ControlPanel

new features as of ver 0.27:

new features:
* Easy Script installs (one-click installs)
* custom http
* custom dns
* subdomains
* password protected domains
* email forwardings
* domain transfer to another user
* webftp (net2ftp)
* multiple templates
* security, installer improved
Existing features:
* Mangement of :domains, dns, email, ftp, mysql, phpmyadmin, webmail (squirrelmail), resellers, panelusers,
* Opensource, GPL, full php, object oriented, modular, easily modifiable/extendable design..
* server backup/restore,
* Different Menus for Server Admin, Reseller, domain admin
How you can help/support:
Bu bir hosting kontrol panelidir. beta aşamasında. Buna rağmen kullanan production sistemler var..
Daha fazla bilgi:
yeni ozellikler:
* tıkla web tabanlı program kur, joomla v.b.
* özel http, dns, subdomains,
* şifre korumalı dizinler
* email yönlendirmeler,
* hosting in başkasına transferi,
* webftp
* şablon/template desteği.
Varolan özellikleri:
* Bunların yönetimi:domains, dns, email, ftp, mysql, phpmyadmin, webmail (squirrelmail), resellers, panelusers,
* Açıkkaynak, beleş, Opensource, GPL, full php, object oriented, modular, easily modifiable/extendable design.
* server backup/restore,
* Herbiri için ayrı menüler: Server Admin, Reseller, domain admin
Sory for Turkish/English mixture,
if you wish to support ehcp, you may do by means of providing the following, whichever you can:
1- Server
2- Virtual Server, vps,
3- Reseller Account for hosting
4- Hosting Account
5- Coding, programming support
6- html design support
7- Advertise support
8- Testing support, bug-report
9- Donate to ehcp (look here)
10- Suggest new features,
and so on..
ehcp'ye destek olmak isterseniz, imkanlarınız olcusunde
aşağıdakilerden birini veya birkacini saglayabilirsiniz:
1- Sunucu,
2- Sanal sunucu, vps,
3- Reseller hesabı
4- Hosting
5- Kodlama Desteği
6- Html tasarım desteği
7- Tanıtım Desteği
8- Test etme
9- ehcp ye bagis (look here)
10- yeni ozellikler onerin...