Net2ftp problem in newer Ubuntu's - Fixed - Patched

We have noticed that, Net2ftp is not compatible with newer Ubuntu's with php7. since php7 seems to have removed some php functions and net2ftp is last updated in 2013, there is some incompatibility. So, it is normal that net2ftp does not work on new Ubuntu's. We are working on this issue. We will either fix net2ftp or find an alternative.

In technical detail,
The problem is because of removed function ereg_replace in php7.
Check here for more info:

We think that we fixed this, by patching that net2ftp package, that is downloadable from
New ehcp installs will already use this file.
But, we should better seek for an alternative web based ftp client. If you have suggestions, please comment here.

(net2ftp patch fix problem)