added ftp user, but dont work...


I have created 1 users with "adduser" fot FTP only, but I can't login on FTP.
I need this user to have his home in /home/user not in /var/www/vhosts/
All ftp users created with EHCP are ok, my only problem is local user.
Any ideea?


the cause of this is same as your previous question i think, your daemon is not running...
daemon creates ftp dirs, and gives permission..
rest is done by ftp daemon..

just restart ehcp daemon with /etc/init.d/ehcp restart

let me know if everything goes fine...

EHCP daemon is working, and every FTP user created from EHCP are working fine.
EHCP create FTP users in /var/www/vhosts/
If I create a user from konsole (and NOT from EHCP) with "adduser test" for example, his home will be in /home/test.
I can't connect user "test" on FTP server.
Sat Nov 8 02:15:15 2008 [pid 3074] CONNECT: Client ""
Sat Nov 8 02:15:15 2008 [pid 3073] [test] FAIL LOGIN: Client ""

The only way to create FTP users isfrom EHCP only? Local users wont work?


you should not create users from console,
they dont work...
because ftp server is configured to work with ehcp...

to use ftp client, you must create users from ehcp frontpage or add manually to ftpaccounts table of ehcp database...
ftp server of your server actually uses that ftpaccounts table...

your last question: The only way to create FTP users isfrom EHCP only? Local users wont work?
Unfortunately... ftp server supports only database authentication... or only local users... not both i think... i am not sure..
But currently, you cant use ftp users created from konsole...

i hope this makes it clear...

Yes, it's clear now.