Could I add ssl webpage on existing domain?

I have create some domain on EHCP server.Because default EHCP no use ssl webpage.I have to enabled ssl webpage.But I can't found httpsdocs on existing domain.Could add httpsdocs on existing doamin?

Currently there is no separate httpsdocs folder. After enabling your https/ssl, use your domain nomally. put your files in httpdocs

Hello,I have enabled ssl,But all webpage will show EHCP Default Web Site Page.How to fix it?

make sure you are using the new ehcp ver 0.37.2.b
how did you enabled it ?
if still problem persists, we need to investigate it.

Hello,I used 0.37.2.b
Option --> Advanced settings --> webservermode --> ssl
I have already put webpage to httpdocs.then enabled ssl.It's will show Defaullt web page.If I disabled ssl.It's will show my webpage.

I e-mailed you.

I found enabled ssl my server now.Have found any problem?