Can't add custom DNS

I have only one server and one IP address.I install EHCP 0.37.1.b on ubuntu 14.04 LTS.I got error message when I want create custom DNS.

Custom dns cannot be added for domains with slave dns.

I have not set this server to slave dns.What's this problem?
How to fix it?

Reason: Most probably, you had set "master ip" for that domain. This means that that domain is identified to be a slave.

Fix your domain:
If you have only one server&ip, just delete that domain (after backup your files),
Re-add/setup your domain in normal way. Do NOT assign a master ip for it. Ip is automatically by ehcp. no need to assign it manually (provided that your dnsip/IP is defined in ehcp gui->options)

I checked now again, there seems a bug in that. I will write here as soon as I release a fix.

now fixed it. download and replace your classapp.php file. (backup your existing)
This is ehcp V.0.37.2.b (just now I put it)

Ok,I will test it.Thanks a lot.

Hello,I have test it.It,s fix this bug.Thanks a lot.