Ehcp Real Demo

Server Admin:
username: admin
password: 1234 (This runs on a small VPS, so, maybe slow or busy sometime)

This is real demo. Meaning, this is a real working server. The domain that you define here works directly.

Redirect your domain to this ip, with this dns: -> -> same IP

you will see your domain working directly.

Or you may test using some example domain, such as,
by putting this on your hosts file.
Look here for hosts file technique:

The ftp info for this server:
ftp username: ftp
ftp pass: ftp

(this is main ftp of admin user, so, all domains that is added by "easy add domain" etc, by admin uses this IP. You may add/use your own ftp too)

Note that this server is open to everyone, so, do not put sensitive information on it,
and keep in mind that, we may reset the server in some intervals, to clean it..