webmail NOT WORKING ?

Hi !

All work great since 1 month but today I try mail.mydomain.com and it noit working.

I don't know where look for repair that !

EHCP squirrelmail work again because I can access by EHCP panel but not by any of my domain :(

thanks in advance if you have IDEA :)


what you see when you go to mail.domain.com or webmail.domain.com ?

what is contents of your ehcpdir/apachehcp.conf ?

Hi !

WHen I type mydomain.com =
Not Found
The requested URL / was not found on this server.
Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at cpanel.mydomain.com Port 80

and in the files apachehcp.conf ???
All looks okay but I don't know !? Alises is listed,

Don't forget that work good one week before !


Hi again !

When I take a look in /var/www/new/ehcp/apachehcp.conf

The links was automatic change and many place wrote /var/www/vhosts/...
but in reality the good link is /var/www/new/ehcp/webmail/...

it's weird ! :(


check your apachetemplate file in ehcp dir.
Does it seem correct ? I mean, for webmail, " /var/www/new/ehcp/webmail/..." as you said above ?

if it is wrong, then, fix it in that file,
this file is used for domain apache config templates.