Ehcp beta version 0.36.4.b is here

With our last announcement, we talked about new update about Ubuntu 14.04.
Something has changed in Ubuntu 14.04 and new php versions. So, we had to touch a little to ehcp. The new version is 0.36.4.b ; the last letter b at end denotes beta.

This is basicly a maintenance and update release. We fixed something related to new Ubuntu 14.04 and new php versions. Maybe the biggest change is "jump to mariadb" instead of mysql. With Ubuntu 14.04, mariadb can be "installable" through apt-get. So, mariadb is set as default in new Ehcp. If user tries to install Ehcp in an older OS, mysql is fallback solution.

Changed things in this version:

Visible changes (that users see them):
* Almost nothing. Maybe, just you may not see "deprecated" warnings.
* After installation, firefox is not launched automatically. that causes some problems.

Non-visible, behind the scene changes:
* default sql server is now mariadb. mysql is a fallback, whenever mariadb is not installable. As you know, mariadb states that it is a "drop-in" replacement. That is, it should be fully compatible. All commands, sqls should work as usual. If you live any problems, let us know, and consult mariadb documents.

* All deprecated php functions such as mysql_query are removed. All codes are cleaned according to deprecated functions.

* Some installation, mysql, table listing issues should be solved with this version.

* Code cleanup, minor improvements. (I do not remember all)

I hope this will be a cleanup for new Ubuntu versions. Since Ubuntu 14.04 is a LTS, this integration will be a long breath when complete (after tests)

Please note that, this is still a beta software. About beta software, look at

Test this as much as you can.

I tested this on Ubuntu 14.04 and U 13.10 a few times,
basic functions seems working.
I tested domain addition and ftp functions. Let me know other test results too.
I will also write a "test page" here in Until then, write your test results here please.


I can say this about development of ehcp:
Development of ehcp will continue steadily for some time, due to some other subjects; After that, it will speed up.



ok know problem with test on 14.04 and 13.10 so far,

but their was some issues, when user upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04, then afew issues appear, i cant remember them all.

but after upgrade 14.04, in ehcp if user adds new domain or sub-domain the information dose store to database but their is no chown action started like normal,

also if user keeps apache2.2 for 14.04 instead of using Apache 2.4, ehcp need to use the older config codes of ehcp 12.04, the same for php. the new ehcp is only fine if using the latest version form new installion, but issues if using older php like 5.3 etc,
try to add an "if-else" command to the ehcp code for package detection, to make ehcp work better with older packages on 14.04. this is important for two reasons;
1. if using older package then if user goes to ehcp>options>fix Apache configuration, it will not work as expected because the config of Apache 2.4 id different to 2.2. (confirmed error message"id httpd_config").
2. because many hosting masters uses older packages for better compatibility, and ehcp needs to be dynamic for whatever package is being used and work well if it detects php5.2, 5.3, 5.4 or 5.5 etc, in Ubuntu, Apache only works with the latest php, so if webmaster is using php5.2-5.4 then ehcp use used older apache2.2 settings, Ubuntu 13.10 is has the last version of apache2.2 because the newer 2.4 was used in 14.04.

I hope this helps, and i will keep testing.

apache config is not changed, and it seems working. I mean, I did not change apache config from previous version. I understand your points, will remember them. Let me know if there are issues related to this.

oh i forgot to say also, net2ftp used in ehcp is five years old: 0.98, their is a newer version 1.0 that can work with ehcp, so please included this to into the latest ehcp tests version to help with security vulnerability. thanks

minor updates done. version 0.36.2.b is in:
some errors fixed.

Prompt please. I can install as ehcp + node js?
in what sequence this should be done? (1. ehcp 2. node js or 1. node js 2. ehcp)

Very thanks)

Ehcp 0.36.3.b is installed and so far i have not had any basic issues yet.

but i do request that a need feature be added: a system check function, for all programs, modules & extensions.
placeed next to the server status link.
These can be displayed as required and optional, the required should included checks for all program and Apache extensions that ehcp must have install to work 100%, this will be very helpful for every webmaster using ehcp, the phpinfo is good, but if a function or something is missing or broken because ehcp has not detected it then it would be good to show on the list and would make troubleshooting better and more independent then posting on the forum for something which could be sorted themselves before asking for help, and also provide better bug tracking for development purposes.

Also again i request the newer version of net2ftp be updater because we have the 5 years old version in ehcp and we should have access to the bug, security and enhancements or the version.

hope this is helpful.

I remember I updated net2ftp a few months ago. Am I wrong ? or still old version included ? r u sure ?

yes i am very sure, you are using net2ftp version 0.98, confirmed by the version.js file in the net2ftp directory.

the latest version available is 1.0.

With 0.36.4.b ; net2ftp is not anymore part of ehcp tgz file. It is downloaded after install starts.. net2ftp V1.0 is downloaded. Some minor issues solved.

Tested with 0.36.4.b :

* Ubuntu 14.04
* basic install, login,
* domain, subdomain add/setup
* ftp login & file upload & file see in browser
* Wordpress install in Easy Install Scripts ; wordpress welcome screen

I left other tests to other users.

Ok thinks will test it, but is tests are good, i good want to update ehcp on the production server, so will need notes for update net2ftp from 0.98 to 1.0 manually.

Hi :)

I have installed EHCP on Debian 7.3 (wheezy) and after a few adjustments it seems to be working well. I have a couple of users putting it through it's paces - working it overtime lol
(See my with instructions for new comers to EHCP)

Just a couple of issues:

1) RoundCube doesn't work... DataBase error (unable to connect)
2) Chive is not installed

Some twicking is required after install, mostly minor PostFix changes (hostname & mydomain don't get setup correctly) and other changes to get SSL working using normal ports and pop-before-smtp had to be re-installed for Debian and of course VSFTPD and its new security feature - had to install a hacked version to overcome that.

Other than that its looking very good :)

Haven't used the DNS functions yet as I use the service on my VPS provider which also offers rDNS.

I will keep you posted if any other issues arise.

Keep up the good work!

EHCP Login:

installed today, older domains work fine, but adding new domains directs to the control panel webpage, not httpdocs, how to fix?

look at section B
/etc/init.d/ehcp restart