Is ehcp a live project or is it now unsupported?

have tried installing ehcp several times now, but ftp will not work on ANY version of ubuntu. I've currently installed it on ubuntu 10.04 but have tried other version as well, It simply doesn't work. Problem is another user asked about this on your forum last month and hasn't received an answer yet either, so was wondering if this project is dead?
I noticed that your home page mentions this problem in versions above 11.10 but it actually doesn't work in any version.
Also, i noticed that the control panel is very slow at loading pages, staggers a lot. Any advice or is this project abandoned?

The developer and I have been working on fixing the EHCP installation for Ubuntu versions 12.04 - 13.04. We are currently testing. I would assume that there should be a new testing version out soon because our tests are going well, and we've overcome the VSFTPD issues.

Are you using Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit or 32-bit? I have EHCP and VSFTPD working on all of my 32-bit servers running Ubuntu 10.04. In the current non-testing release of EHCP (version 0.30.9), VSFTPD should work out of the box on Ubuntu versions all the way up to 11.10.

Let me know.

EHCP Force Edition

Good to know! I've got it running on 64 bit, maybe that's the problem? Would that account for it's slowness as well? I've installed on a small server with 500gb disc and 2gb memory. I find that when logged in the page loads really slowly, staggering as it does. Any ideas?

ehcp is live. some answers may delay. sory.
we are working on fixing the bug of "VSFTPD" . this is actually not the fault of ehcp, but we are responsible of still choosing vsftpd as an ftp layer.

We will announce the solution as we test it a little.
Currently we can install on almost all ubuntu systems with package, however it is being tested now, may not be stable yet.. you may also download and test it.

About slowness, we need to debug your system more deeply. There is no slowness normally on servers using ehcp.

I have been waiting a long time for a new test version so i can help, i must say that as part of the test/support team im disappointed that we have not been informed about any developments or the results of shared vsftpd suggestions that were made before and have had no replys, we cant help if yeni.tgz is not updated and if we are not told when to test it.

lets all work abit harder for the EHCP community guys.

what is the latest yeni version 0.33? i last tested 0.32

you can download latest testing version (yeni, meaning new) from

We are working on vsftpd issue, with earnolmartin, you can test&develop also.

We are almost solved the vsftpd issue, with some tricks.
please test that file on different versions of ubuntu, and write here your results. I will also send you emails related to this. Nice to hear from you again.