Email Aplication Like Yahoo Mail User Aplication

Can ehcp be use or modified as user mail aplication like yahoo mail application ?

if there is such an appliaction, yes
if not, it is very difficult to develop such an application.

only an existing application can be integrated into ehcp.

you may suggest webmails here... i will try to integrate them.

It looks nice :)

It's RoundCube mistake

i have tried roundcube in past once, 2-3 months ago, as you requested before too..
That time, it seemed a bit not suitable for work with ehcp... since it requires many installation steps...

in future, i will re-test it and try to integrate it as an alternative...
if anybody helps in this, it would be great..

with version 0.29.15, roundcube is integrated in ehcp.
if you haven't got it,
re-download 0.29.15 and upgrade your files from