updating Easy Install Scripts - Adding more scripts


> Hi bvidinli, I appreciate your work in EHCP. This is really a good piece of
> work. But, how do I add an easy install script further in that panel.
> Currently there are only two scripts listed available.
> Regards,

what you see is just a preview.
in next versions of ehcp, you will find many easy-install scripts...

To add yourself,
you should just add script url info to ehcp db->table scripts...
go to phpmyadmin,
go to ehcp db
go to scripts table,
click insert..
enter following:
scriptname : any name you wish,
filetype: directurl
fileinfo: url of script to install, for example http://sourceforge.org/download/youscript.tgz
scriptdirtocopy: this may be empty or, the httpdocs directory of script... some scripts are put in an htdocs directory, somes do not... you just test and see. you may examin other rows in this table..

And alternatively, you may update your scripts table by:
go to http://www.ehcp.net/scriptsupdate.sql
copy contents,

go to your phpmyadmin-> ehcp db -> SQL
Paste there,
run sql,

your scripts table are updated..

if you find usefull scripts, please send me too or write to ehcp Forums... so everybody can use that...