I first want to thank EHCP nice work
I need some help at this part
I am running my server on router i have port 80 & 21 over
I can view my page both by going to
but this takes me to my the control panel

I added my domain name

now when I go to my domaiin website where I registered my domain
namecheap.com when I try to transfter dns to webhost
what should I type there.
if I type my ip address It doesn't let me type my address there.

this is what it says on the page where I have option to add dns server name

"Please enter DNS name only (ex: ns1.mydomain.com). Please don't enter IP
addresses. You can enter up to five name servers. It is advisable to enter atleast
two nameservers for a domain. Please note that it will take up to 24 hours for
the changes to take effect. "

please help me
thank you