Can login in Filezila using root user, but not created domain user

Hi first of all, EHCP is really great control panel to work with. I have install EHCP in clean ubutnu server 12.10 LTS:

I have added one domain. The domain is registered with godaddy. and I am hosting with my own server. The hosting is working fine.

I have also created one ftp user for this domain. But I cannot login with that.

When I login with root user, I can login to sftp. But when I try to login with other user, it just timeout.

Can you please help me with this issue?


I think my problem is same so post here. Have also latest ehcp on 12.10.

The problem is, that I have no write permissions on my created domain (httpdocs) directory.

I use Filezilla connect by sftp, logging as "ubuntu" (root is disabled) with public keys. I'm also can't login tru created users.

I can manage files by changing ownership of directory to "ubuntu" by ssh, but this is not good idea.

Think this is smth simple, related to group permissions, but as newbie I can't solve this.

Please help with this! Thank you.

read this thread that explains the issue: