Bonuses and Online Pokies

The trend of playing pokies at the traditional clubs has been changing, now people like to play the same games at their home through online pokies websites. There are numerous reasons behind this change and one basic reason is the bonuses which are available to the online pokies account holders. These bonuses are available on signing up the account as well as playing the games on it. You can win bonus from $500 to $1,000 from the website of some casinos. However, just like any other business, there are some conditions involved with such type of bonuses. So, before clicking on the accept button you should also go through the terms and conditions page to make sure what are you accepting.
There are two types of bonuses available at the signing up of the account and these are No Deposit and Deposit Matching bonuses. Detail of both of these bonuses is described below;
No Deposit Bonus
In this type of account, the website deposits the amount of bonus in your casino online account without asking you to deposit any amount in your account. In this way you can enjoy the luxury of playing with the money of the website. However, obviously they cannot allow you to withdraw this amount from your online pokies account.
Deposit Matching Bonus
This is the second type of account in which bonus is not transferred to your account unless you also make a deposit in it. They contingent the amount of bonus with the amount of initial deposit in your online pokies account with a certain upper limit. For example, if you would deposit $1000 in your account you would get a free bonus of the same worth. As previously mentioned, you cannot withdraw this amount from your account due to wagering agreements.
Wagering Requirements
As we have already discussed about the hidden terms and conditions. One of such terms is the wagering requirement. For example, if your website says that the wagering requirement is 5, it means you have to have at least $500 to withdraw $100 from your online pokies account.