tips on choosing baby clothes and your child

Choosing clothes or baby clothes for your child, let alone a baby had to be careful. Because the baby's skin is very sensitive. Wrong choice of materials or clothing can be a problem later. Baby's skin easily absorbs the substances that attach to the surface of the skin. Hazardous substances can be found on the clothes.
To that end, maintain the health of your baby's skin this must be the smallest of things, such as fabric, texture, shape up ornaments found in baby clothes. If the texture of coarse fabric babies the friction (friction) between the baby's skin and the material will make the baby's skin irritation. Baby's skin contains a high lipid levels to facilitate passes through the skin irritant.

Contact clothes or clothes not only on the hands, but also most of the body, for that select children's clothing that is safe and comfortable for the whole body. Secure in the sense of no harm, viewed from a fabric material used, the best materials are cotton, and does not fade because the coloring is not quite right, does not cause allergies or itchiness in the skin and should be the use of accessories, clothes do not harm the body .
We recommend wearing warm clothes during cold weather and thin in hot weather, and adjust with the child's environment. Another factor is the convenience of dress must have good air circulation, not too tight, soft fabric, and can easily absorb sweat. In addition, the model also should be clothing, matching the age of the baby or child to use comfortably.