Removing excess, confusing domain-specific panels

So, with cPanel, and every other panel, everything is done on one page.
Domain-speicifc managements tasks are still done from the one page, you just choose which one you want to apply the change to.

With EHCP, each domain has its own panel. This is incredible annoying and confusing to admins and customers.
We would like to use EHCP across all of our multiude of servers, because it is very esy to install, reliable, fast, and has good features. However, we can't do this because of this confusing panel-subpanel configuration thing that'e extermely confusing.

Please, if anybody knows how to consolidate all this stuff, post it here!
thank you :)

not all domains, but all domains has same panel, if you choose a domain.
if you dont choose a domain, a "server panel" is shown.

You can unify all, it is up to you. use templates folder, sky template or any other.
if you make all files same, you will see all same page. consult template/language docs here.

You can customize almost all appearance.. no problem. I may give you more info, as much as I can. if you wish send also email to info@