A few problems PLEASE HELP

Ok,I love this CP just to get that out :)

1.phpmyadmin is giving me 500 errors.how to fix?

2.chive is not there

3.roundcube gives 500 errors how to fix?

bout it for now.PLEASE HELP


Why is there help forums were you get NO help?Come on now..Bout ready to dump EHCP!!!Hate to say it...

What OS and release are you running?

Connor @TechWebLock


I have debian 6.1

Sorry thats out of my expertise

Connor @TechWebLock


I suggest Ubuntu.
Most of your problems are application specific. ehcp's first goal is to make your hosting running, not all your applications; Althaough most applications can run without a problem, with proper settings. A forum with no help specificly to your question is for this: You can see and utilise other people's experiences; your case also is read by somebody and anybody that has time/info will respond you.