unable to login.

Everything works fine with my installation, except that i am unable to login to ftp with credentials, i get the following error when i try to login on the net2ftp browser based login :
The error occured in file /var/www/new/ehcp/net2ftp/includes/filesystem.inc.php on line 64.

function ftp_openconnection (/var/www/new/ehcp/net2ftp/modules/browse/browse.inc.php on line 223)
function net2ftp_module_printBody (/var/www/new/ehcp/net2ftp/main.inc.php on line 313)
function net2ftp (/var/www/new/ehcp/net2ftp/index.php on line 59)
argument 0: printBody

I also cannot login using any ftp client. some one please help.

most probably, your ftp daemon not running.
check your logs,
try in console:
/etc/init.d/vsftpd restart
what you see ?
your vsftpd may have problem.

you may also try ehcp->options->fixmailconfig, which fixes many configs.