Billing Module

I know there is a thread on the forums already about a billing / account management system for EHCP but I want to revive it.

I was able to get in contact with Travis, he was building Dime. He was able to grab some of the orignal code and post it on github so we can continue on with the module.

Now I am not that good with PHP yet, still learning. So I am posting this in a effort to get some help with the module so we can get a billing / account management module built into EHCP so we don't need to rely on other software that costs an arm and a leg to run without any built in support for EHCP.

Here is the link to the repository to the files for Dime -

I would just like to point out that Dime has not had any active development for awhile now. However, I am working on a new paid billing system. I am hoping to give a demo soon (hopefully, have one over the weekend). I would like to give the current progress on the new billing system.

Current Features

  • Stripe powered payments
  • User dashboard with services, products, and invoices
  • Monthly renewal dates
  • Self-service account creation
  • Modules for DirectAdmin and Virtualizor
  • Service creation
  • Product creation

Next things on the To Do List in order of expected completion

  • Finish basic invoice module
  • Improve preview function (no cart available yet)
  • Improve security on module features
  • Build better URLS across the system, including for modules
  • Build EHCP module
  • Launch demo
  • Build hosted billing system subscription module
  • Launch free trial probably 3 to 6 months
  • Move hosted trial to paid version, looking at maybe $4.50/month)

Longer Term Goals

  • Cart integration
  • IonCube code protection
  • Licensing for self-hosted
  • CPanel Module
  • Add new subscription time of one year
  • Namecheap domain module
  • ENOM domain module