Username Wildcard to Redirect to Domainless Hosting Account?

Hey All,

I've noticed that there's no easy way to show a user his files on the server temporarily until a domain is purchased or the DNS is updated. Sometimes, users are in the process of procuring a domain name, but would like to start using their hosting service right away. I've seen in other control panel software that you can typically use:

http://ip_of_server/~username or ( if not using wildcards ) which redirects to the user's first domain's main index folder. I guess the current structure of how domains are created in EHCP wouldn't work very well with this idea because there could be several domains. But as long as /~username maps to the domains, the user could type: http://ip_of_server/~username/

Currently, you can map it manually by using http://ip_of_server/vhosts/user/domain, but this would make it a lot easier.

I hope I've made myself clear. It's a bit difficult to explain. If this is too hard to implement or not worth the time, please just ignore this suggestion. I'd be happy to clarify if my idea isn't clear.

previous versions of ehcp has had this feature, that is, calling a domain using IP, rather than domainname.

However, that design caused security problems, so, we removed it.
I got your question, "being able to use a domain for testing without buying it."

Currently, you can do that this way:

setup domain as usual, in ehcp,
in client computer, modify hosts file like adding "yourserverip"
so, that clienct computer will be able to use that domain as if he/she bought the domain.
search for hosts file in and google to find more info.
I call this hosts file technique.