Good Day

I am hosting mail and a couple websites on my server using ehcp.

One of my clients has a downloadable pdf on the website which is using all my outgoing bandwidth to a point where mail is just queuing up and websites are loading very slowly.

Is there a way to throttle this website or websites in general on ehcp.

Please, any advice would be much appreciated as my other clients are starting to get very upset.



I think you can do this way:

1. download and install any bandwidth limiting module for your webserver (apache or nginx)
2. learn and enable necesary config in apachetemplate file in ehcp dir.
3. ehcp->options->sync domains

this way, your domains will be limited regarding bandwidth, hereafter,

I dont know which bandwidth limiting module is best for ubuntu,apache.

Thanks for the reply.

I have noticed something while looking at my daily bandwidth usage.

I normally send about 50Gb of Data out every monnth except this month I have already sent 109Gb. I have watched the mail logs and can't see ant signs of a spammer. How else can I see what is using so much bandwidth.

Any help would be appreciated, really need to get to the bottom of this before work starts tomorrow.

Maybe I need to scan the server for viruses, if that is a recommendation, how should i go about doing it.