How do I backup my server to my Windows Server 2003 server?


please clarify your question.
is your server ehcp ?
you want to backup it to your another windows server ?

Yup, my server runs EHCP on Ubuntu Server 11.10. I want to backup over the network to a server running Windows Server 2003

after issuing a backup command in ehcp gui,
backups are placed in /var/backup dir in your server.
after that, it is your responsibility to keep/transfer those files to anywhere,
you can use ftp, scp to transfer those files to any disk/server including winserver.

OK I have a slightly different question. I got a new server, installed Ubuntu Server 11.10 64-bit on it, installed EHCP, and it's fine, but how do I copy the stuff from my old server to the new one?
My old/existing one has the same config (Ubuntu Server 11.10, EHCP), except it's 32-bit.

I want to copy the hosting accounts to the new server.
Thanks :)

OK I think I figured out how to do it. I made a backup (.tgz) from my old server, then use WinSCP to copy it to my computer, then connect with WinSCP to my new server and upload the file to /var/backup, (but first I had to do an initial backup to make that folder show up), then copy the .tgz file from my computer into that folder, then go to EHCP control panel>Backup>Restore...
It says I do not have permission to access that folder when I try to write/upload my .tgz backup file to it.
How do I fix that?
Thanks :)

your solution is right. that is exact way to migrate to a new server.
you should copy using sftp protocol of filezilla.
you should connect using root account to your server.
if you dont know root pass, in ubuntu, you should set your ubuntu root pass using in console:
sudo passwd
first, enter your normal pass, then, enter new root pass twice.

after that, connect to your server using filezilla, using sftp, not ftp.

OK thanks to your previous advice and some research on the subject I've used chmod to assign myself permissions. I upload the file (I called it backup.tgz) to the /var/backup directory, and restored the backup from EHCP, but it didn't work. I don't have either of the accounts i had before the server cahnge. So basically I think I lost all the information.
Unfortunately, the old server has already been reformatted and is being prepared for resale, so I can't get the data.

Is my backup.tgz bad or did I just do something wrong?
Thanks :D

check your backup.tgz
you may also send your details to

What do I do the check my backup.tgz?
Also, what info would you want, what would you do, and how much would you charge?