Sync Domains

I have 100 active domains on my EHCP server. When I add new domain/subdomain you know what it happening then. It take ages when HD stops with W/R actions. Can be this process of adding new domain/subdomain somehow easyer (lighter) because I think all domains are processed when i just add one domain.

If I add 10 domains one after anoter this process take 10 times longer ...

i hope you know what i talking about

just my thinking (i'm not expert): maybe you should not run that process everytime when new domain is added but just once on 30 minutes when there are new domains in table "operations"...

you are right. when there are many domains, and domains have lots of files, those operations may take some time. It is possible to optimize it, reduce time, by editing php code of ehcp. you may cancel some chown operations also, yourself.

I am accepting this as a feature request, will try to do this in a quick way, in future versions.

thank you

to speed up, if you have many domains,
open classapp.php,
find function syncDomains($file='') {

find chown in that function, (I am talking ver 0.30.4)

passthru2("chown $this->ftpowner -Rf ".$dom['homedir']."/httpdocs");

cancel it by placing # at start of that file
then, restart ehcp daemon: /etc/init.d/ehcp restart

this way, your add-domain ops are quicker.