Can not get access to ehcp Control Panel

Was inside ehcp Control Panel and looked around a bit logged out and now that I must sign back can not it says that the page can not be displayed. What could have happened?
And now it works none of my domain name which I connected to my server. I can remotely control it with putty to ssh to the internal IP number. But I can not access the server in any other way. It seems like I've done something ehcp Control Panel that caused this. What do you think might have happened?

Just noticed that the FTP is working and emails so just websites that can not be displayed.

check these:

if you mayde some "custom http" then, you may also need to remove them from mysql command line.

mysql> delete from customsettings;
mysql> insert into operations (op) values ('syncdomains');

make sure your ehcp daemon working:
bash# ps aux | grep ehcp

if not working (may also be used to make sure, even if working):
# /etc/init.d/ehcp restart