Setup Pre-Config

Simple really, when I installed EHCP I had to stay at the computer because it would ask me questions or ask me for a password to mysql and such (several times).

My suggestion is really simple, is there a way you can make the setup ask ALL Pre-Questions before it would start install such as do you want all passwords to be the same Y/N, Would you like extra items installed Y/N. and configure it before the installer would do anything, this is mainly because if a person say has to configure 20 Hosting Panels or so it would make the install go so much easier then having to stay by each computer and remember each item.

I support that too. This could be very useful and rally install time saver.

I also agree with this idea, it would be a good thing for EHCP, very useful for the users.

I also agree this, would be very nice if somebody does this :)

issues about this:
ehcp installer uses mostly Ubuntu's apt-get install commands.

so, those commands may ask some questions, such as in postfix, "Intern site" configuration.

so, to realise the idea, we need to tell apt-get skip some questions, does anybody knows this ?