ehcp installation prompts:

The following prompts are displayed while installing ehcp.
You may provide different passwords for mysql root pass, ehcp mysql user pass, ehcp admin user pass.
these are all may be different, in fact, should be different..

more explanation to come later...

-----------------------EHCP MAIN INSTALLER---------------------------
--------------------Easy Hosting Control Panel ----------------------
ehcp version 0.24
ehcp installer version 0.24

starting ehcp install, please read prompts/questions carefully !

Some install info and your email is sent to ehcp developpers for statistical purposes and for improvements

press enter to continue

Please enter your
Please enter your/admin email (used to send your panel info, news)
Enter your mysql root password, leave it blank if you dont know:
You entered blank root pass. For your security, do you want to change your empty mysql root pass? (y/n) y
Enter your new mysql root pass for your security: yourpassXX
Your new mysql root pass will be set as (yourpassXX) at end of installation.

Enter new password for mysql user of `ehcp`:yourpassXX
Enter ehcp panel admin new password :yourpassXX

enter web path to install ehcp or leave blank as default: (such as /var/www/vhosts/ehcp)

after setting your new pass for mysql here, - if mysql installed for first time in this server - mysql's self installer may ask you a root pass. YOU MUST NOT ENTER A PASSWORD THERE... you should leave it empty, because ehcp will try to connect to it as you specified here as empty.. (Or specify same mysql root pass in both ehcp install and mysql's install)

mysql passwords reside on config.php which is in /var/www/vhosts/ehcp default.
if you want to change mysql ehcp user or mysql root passwords, this file is what you need.

if you gonna install ehcp somewhere, you dont need to edit this file manually.
installation script writes it for you.

i think you may fail, because you did not enter your mysql root pass correct, or, you changed root pass upen mysql-install script (mysql's self script, not ehcp's)...

thats why, installer cannot set password for mysql ehcp user, so, panel did not work.