EHCP control panel question

Hey again

Ill have to say this control panel is awsome and the support is even better.. i will donate some when i get payed on friday for sure :))

Since everything on my server seems to be running smoothly now i tought i mayby could ask one more question. so here goes

it would be nice if i could somehow get a automatic ehcp folder in every new domain i add.. and inside this folder a link to the controlpanel.
is this something that i can do? as you know im totaly new to ehcp :)


best regards

thank you for your good wishes.
I am trying to support ehcp users as much as I can, as I have time.
the response time for support requests varies, sometime, I can response in 30 min, sometime I am busy for 2 days, and I can respond late, 2 days later.

lets come to your question:
something similar to that already exists in ehcp.
panel users can access the panel by or

if you still want a folder like that, it can be done by simple php coding inside ehcp