Need help with some dns problems on my server

Hello all

First i wanna say GREAT hosting panel :)
But im in a little problem, ive followed the guide to how to install ubuntu 10 with ehcp and has done so.

Then i when to and i registred my own nameserver ns1/ and then i changed the nameservers for my to that. i ofcourse put in my ip at the nameserver registrations.

For sometime i got connection to my server with that domainname and the server but not anymore and i havent done any thing.

So i was hoping if some expert here would like to log on my server and take a look and see if they can see the problem. cause im stuck and i really want my dns and nameserver to work so i can host more domains.

my domainname is nameservers is ns1 and

thanks in advance :)

And one more thing, i can send mail but not resieve. been trying to google a solution on this but havent had any luck.

first, solve the dns problem,
follow about mail problem,
if not fixed, i will analyse again.


I checked your domain and your ip (84.49.xx.yy)
It seems that your dns service (bind/named) has stopped on your server.

this may be caused by some wrong config of dns, or custom dns.

to fix it,
login to your ehcp, delete any custom dns in domains.
if not fixed, look at bind configs,

if not solved, send your ssh login info to

info sent to your email.. hope u can find the solution :)

got it, checked, and replied to you.
as the kungfu guys says: solution is within you :)

Hey man.. i opened port 53 in my router and the problem was solved.. thanks alot again.

my email is working also now :D