Different IP's for new domains.

Running an ubuntu system with EHCP and was wondering how you assign different IP's to the domains you add in the control panel?
Right now all domains seems to get the same default IP.

If you have the IP's setup in your system you can use webmin for this.

Domain Registar

blank.com-set to ip 1
blank2.com set to ip 2

both ips are setup on the server via multiple nics or virtual nics.

ehcp will route to all by default. using webmin you can edit the virtual host and tell it to only accept traffic from blank.com on a specific ip

I will update ehcp, and describe this here soon.
currenlty seems not easy..

Thanks for the reply. Had just hoped it was just to point the domain to the proper IP, setup the domain in echp with the default IP, then modify the IP number in the ehcp config file and in some zone file or something, restart apache and it was running.

Any rough idea on when you expect this feature to be in ehcp? like 2months or 6 months?

today ! :)

please look at http://ehcp.net/?q=node/1067
download from ehcp.net/ehcp_yeni.tgz
test it.
see you.

Man that was fast, this is turning out to be a pretty good system :)

Managed to get it upgraded to this new version, but when I click on options to add the new IP's I get - "This operation requires admin rights.."

and isn't able to add anything there.

as it says, login as admin, to add a new IP and
then, you can add a domain to that IP (as admin or non-admin)

Hi' again

Been messing around with this a few times now and haven't managed to get it working yet.
I had added the proper IP's to the EHCP control panel and added a few domains to it. Changed the DNS servers for the domain to point at the new IP I have just assigned it.

Everything works just fine when using the default server IP but when using one of the other IPS it just times out when trying to load the domain.

Any way I can debug this and locate where the error is?

since this feature is new,
it is better that we debug it together. Maybe I will need to modify the program, ehcp.

check apachehcp.conf file in ehcp dir.
does apachetemplate_ipbased file exists ?

if possible, send me your ssh login info, so that I can connect and try to fix.

Thanks for your help with this. Excellent support.