I don't know this is already released, but I need it very urgently. I left no choice right now. I need WHMCS for the automation perpose and with the billing. So, what I need is either get another software(billing) that is compatible with EHCP, with automatically create accounts after payments are received.

Currently WHMCS doesnot have auto account creation for EHCP. I was also about to post such question, but you need to tell this to WHMCS, they need to modify their script, not us. We will be waiting for this feature by WHMCS or Something which is need to be done in EHCP for this purpose, EHCP team will do it definately
Thank You

if whcms some api or sdk/plugin development guide, we can try it, but it takes some time.

Hey, I don't have an API for Dime but, I have started working on a development system called Dime, you can see it at: http://travispessetto.info/?p=70

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I looked at your post at http://travispessetto.info/?p=70
Nice to see such a development process.

I may help you in doing something, as much as I can.

as you may have noticed, ehcp has "some" api that can do things with simple php functions. look at api dir in ehcp.
So, if both dime and ehcp is running on same server, than you can use ehcp api.
if on different server, you cUrl method may be used as of now.

there is not yet api for all functions, but I can develop them, as needed, as long as I know there is somebody working on such purpose.. billing for ehcp, or extending ehcp..

Alternatively, you may also extend ehcp, by writing modules for it, if you wish. this is direct coding of php, which interacts with ehcp db and functions. I just noted to make you remember the possibilities. of course, you may go on your choise, curl php.

btw, you said: "(think there is a bug for ‘quota’ in EHCP)" , may I ask, what is that bug ? you may follow bugs at https://launchpad.net/ehcp

See you.

i have posted a ticket on WHMCS and here is their reply

WHMCS does automatically create accounts in cPanel.

We have no integration with EHCP, if you would like one created, please provide the API documentation and we can provide a quote for delivery in the new year

EHCP team should get them contact.. Thank You

When a new panel user is created by the "add domain" and not via "add panel user" and setting the quota to 50Mb. Once the signup is complete going back and looking at the panel users it says, that they have 50000000MB of space.

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thx for bug report.
fixed in upcoming version now.

to fix it on your side,
open classapp.php

replace by:

Very upsetting that two years later, their is still no module or api for WHMCS

sory for this, we have mailed to whmcs workers, not received any response. so, we could not continue the development of this.
Additionally, this is not a priority yet.

I understand, but their is much that can be done to EHCP without whmcs, like hosting packages, if this could be made for the admin & resellers, this would be a very important step, because that function would be needed for any API like whmcs or hostbill etc to use.

Agree on this. A major to-do is: hosting packages.
please fill blueprints on launchpad so that people may vote and track changes.
thanks for suggestions and making ehcp better, (in time..)

ok I found their was already a suggestion in blueprint so i just updated it.

but also their are a few things on blueprint that i should say would need a ehcp API made so they could be added to work, these are hosting-billing-software & ehcp-plugin, without API they can not work.