a quick way to test ehcp frequently

install virtualbox,
setup a new virtual machine in virtualbox,
install ubuntu inside that virtual machine,
install the file attached here into that ubuntu,
(that file installs all packages that ehcp needs, as of 11-2010 )
go to vitualbox, snapshots->take snapshot of virtual machine

this way, you will have a running ubuntu, with all packages needed by ehcp.
and you have a snapshot of that ubuntu, so that you will be able to rollback any changes that is made after this point to that snapshot, and you will be able to test ehcp frequently.

(B)from this point :
just download and install ehcp normally, test it.. do whatever you want.

whenever you want to test it from scratch,
just click on virtualbox, that snapshot, click restore,

you will have a new clean install of ubuntu, with all packages installed, no need to download all packages (saves your internet conn.)

to continue, go to step B

this post also was like a program ! :) we are programmers...

Plain text icon ehcp-apt-get-install.txt3.6 KB

more internet conn is saved if there is any svn version of the testing echp

PS: the file attashed has user persmissions:
You don't have permission to access /sites/default/files/ehcp-apt-get-install.sh on this server.

chmod a+x file, then, execute.
i fixed forbidden.

anybody knows howto install svn on my server and use it for ehcp ?

i added a new commandline argument to installer:
./install.sh noapt

then, all installers will skip all apt-get statements, and this will produce a faster test.

uploaded today the new ehcp_yeni.tgz file