Web & FTP on one server - mail on another

Hi all,

I am new to EHCP and have done some research, but I am unable to find the answers I need.

I want to run EHCP on one server (with its own public IP) hosting Name Server, Web & FTP. On another (existing) server (with its own public IP) I want to host mail. I am happy to setup the mail manually, but is there a way to specify mailip within the DNS template globally, or do I have to modify the template and hard code the public IP for the mail server?

in current (more stable) version of ehcp 0.29.13, multi server containing email server is not supported directly.

To do it, you have two ways:
1- wait for new version. new version will have multi server support. including separate email server. it is on the way. we can also make initial tests with you, if you are familiar with testing.. (needs some patientness)

2- with current version, you can do like this:
on remote mail server, install postfix and so on, apply commands as appears in install_lib.php file.
look in function mailconfiguration,

replace contents of /etc/postfix/mysql-* files, with localhost as your central ehcp server.

that way, your email server will work as separate email server of your central ehcp.