Smarty and ehcp

I'm another learner. Now I want to install Smarty. Unfortunately I can't make a lot of sense out of how to do it in this multi-domain ehcp environment. All the examples seem to be set up for machines with a single domain and a simple DocumentRoot and all that.

I get confused by things like

1) I have two php.ini files and they look identical
2) Neither of them have an active "include_path" (commented out)
3) httpd.conf seems to be empty .....

and lots more

Cheers IB

I did not understand your problem, explain more..
I have no idea about smarty, as I know, it is a templating engine.. where do you want to install smarty ? In fact I have no knowledge about its installation...

your confused points:
1- normally, on web, php.ini in /etc/php5/apache2 is used, the other (/etc/php5/cli/php.ini) is used for command line..
2- if you need include_path, you may add to 1st php.ini above,
3- httpd.conf is an old way of apache2 configuration. replaced by apache2.conf in new apache' is left for backward compatiblity.. instead, use apache2.conf

I eventually figured out what to do with Smarty. I made a folder under httpdocs, copied the Smarty stuff into it and set SMARTY_DIR in my code to that foldername.

You have really helped my understanding with your responses to questions 1-3. Many thanks.