Support EHCP

I really am trying to contribute to EHCP the best I can. By the way, I was to one who made that logo bvidinli :). Anyways, add this HTML on to your website or on to any forums that supports logos in your signature.

the code didn't work on first post, I'm guessing it thought i was trying to make an attachment. Here is the pastebin. Copy it into your sites HTML to help advertise EHCP

I use EHCP =)

while displaying code, replace < with &lt;
this way, your html is shown here:

Anyone who wishes to support ehcp should include this one tho support ehcp.

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

You may also give text link. thank.

I'm just wishing EHCP would be more popular. The reason why I use it today is because it was not hard at all to install. Not only that, IT WAS FREE. I'm thinking I might make a tutorial of how to host your website from home. The problem is, when I talk to people about web stuff, they think it's more complex than those languages like Java, where it's actually a lot more simple. For the people who know about web languages, the only thing that discourages them from hosting at home is laziness and the protection of their home network. So I'm probably going to make tutorials on forums like that, not just to teach people how to host, but to mainly advertise EHCP.

I use EHCP =)