(standartcerceve) id'li kod not found problem

when you get into your panel home, you get:
(standartcerceve) id'li kod not found.

This means, your default template is not installed.
this means, you did not import ehcp.sql into your mysql correctly.
templates/html content is stored in mysql html table.

open your phpmyadmin, typically, http://localhost/phpmyadmin
goto ehcp db, click import/sql,
drop any existing tables,
upload ehcp.sql again.
if no error occurs, your ehcp works...
this will delete any domain/user info in your ehcp installation.

can you fix this in an update?

I use EHCP =)

do you live that problem stil ?
that problem very rare, and is caused by "not installing ehcp" completely.
The solution written there, or just re-install thing.

This problem should not exist most circumstances.

ahh i see,

I use EHCP =)