Network Monitoring & EHCP

i have been trying to setup a monitoring platform {can't invest in machine atm:(}.

I was wondering if it is possible to install the following into ehcp

cacti or mrtg
smoke ping - i have installed this in a VM with EHCP, i assume making changes in usual apache folder will break EHCP.

will appreciate any help or pointers.


In General, I want to say to all that:
ehcp uses Ubuntu's and Debian's standard installation procedures, standard system settings..
The installation of ehcp is done mostly by means of apt-get, then configures hosting services such as apache, postfix, bind dns and so on..

So, ehcp uses a standard approach..
This means that: you can install anything additional to ehcp/your server, as long as you don't break configuration done by ehcp while installing, i.e / misal: configuration of apache vhost environment, postfix, pop3 virtual users , ftp virtual users...

After this general explanation, i think:
nagios, cacti, mrtg, smoke ping: these are all some programs that should not break system settings. You may also play with apache settings also, as long as you dont break vhost configuration...
munin: dont know this, may be same as above,

And: you may just try, and if fails, re-install server/vps and ehcp, since ehcp installation is a childplay..

see you

And, i should say that:
if you find some easily installable applications, please send me their links/names, so that i will put them in "easy install scripts" (Currently there are 30 easy install scripts..)

I use cacti in a domain on my ehcp server and it works ok.