Adding extra ips

How can i add extra ips?

Thank you

i dont know exactly how to do,
there is no direct automatic way in ehcp yet,

i think you need to edit apache config files manually..
with upcoming new version of 0.29.06, each domain will be able to have different apache config template and dns template.
So, you will easily be able to edit apache/dns configs.

you need to search for ip management in apache configs..
Later on, in middle term, i may integrate multiple ip support in ehcp.
Currently, single ip supported automatically, for multple, you need to deal manually.

If i installed "DirectAdmin" would it conflit with ehcp?

yes, most probably,
adding in ehcp/apache should not be so hard,
because, ehcp uses a standard apache/ubuntu/dns install.
So, you should search & apply for a standard apache multi-ip config,
then apply that to your current apache config...

in future, i will implement multi-ip settings...