New Version, New Feature 0.37.2.b

New feature: Add/Setup domain & install Wordpress in single step.
With this feature, installing a CMS (currently wordpress) is not a long process (not almost a nightmare).

As you know, in previous versions of ehcp, there are "Easy Install Script" (EIS) feature.

This new feature advances this EIS feature to the next step.

Howto use this feature:
* just login to ehcp,
* click on "add/setup domain & install wordpress" which is on top of rith frame,
* enter your domainname and click submit..

thats it.

What this new function does in some detail:
* Add/setup domain as usual,
* add a mysql&user for wordpress
* install wordpress as was in Easy Install Scripts
* Complete the installation of wordpress automatically, default admin username: admin, password is displayed on ehcp web gui. mysql user pass is also same.

This feature advances one-click installs in the market to the next level, by integrating domain setup with CMS installation.

You may see this working in our new "real demo", as mentioned in

New version download: (beta)

This is version 0.37.2.b
Tested on: Ubuntu 14.04

installation is as usual:

If you have any problems regarding new package, let me know.
Hope this will be useful for everyone.


its good to add more features for wordpress, but their is a better way to install this, and also having access to many more scripts, by using the same methods like control panel and alikes, they use installer like


this would make ehcp very powerful for clients.

Thank you for info.

In second one, when I try to sign up: SimpleScripts is now the MOJO Marketplace. Unfortunately we are no longer taking any new host sign ups at this time. If you would however like to be notified when begin accepting host signups again please submit a request to MOJO Marketplace

For first one:
it is not free, not cheap,
We also negotiated with them a little, thinking now.

you can suggest similar utilities, we can pick up some useful one..
there are many things to consider. security, speed, open sourceness.. many.. so, integrating a 3rd party is not easy, at least as of yet...

anyway, thank you for your suggestion.
ehcp grows with suggestions..

Hi I have installed 0.37.2.b on my local Ubuntu 15.04 for testing before going to the VPS for upgrading.

The installation went well with only me having to set the IP address to fixed ( and also re-sorting out the host again to a different IP ).
This should not be a problem on the VPS.

Problem I am having right now is to get the Mysql working to have MYSQL databases.

Mysql was un-installed for installation and to put both the Client and Server Mysql Back requires the removal of MariaDB

Any advice here ?

looks to me like a watershed moment for MariaDB and MySQL

Ok Looks like I got it working and my error
I went back and re-installed MySQL server and made sure I could log in to Mysql before doing the install, I had TWO Problems ...

a) MySQL was "masked " and I had to unmask it following these directions

rm -r /var/lib/mysql* # Remove any old database setup
mysql_install_db -u mysql # Install new database
systemctl unmask mysql.service # Emables the service for systemd
service mysql start # start the service.


b) I had to reset my password, following these directions

Stop mysql:
service mysql status
1. service mysql stop

Run mysql with skip grants to be able to login without any password
2. mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &

Login as root
3. mysql -u root

4. mysql commands:
mysql> use mysql;
mysql> update user set password=PASSWORD("andrew12") where User='root';
mysql> flush privileges;
mysql> quit

Stop mysql
5. service mysql stop

Start mysql normally:
6. service mysql start

Try to login using your new password:
7. mysql -u root -p

Hope this helps someone else