Need to alter order domains are listed


I have a case where I have several subdomains defined as their own sites, and eventually the parent domain is defined. All of these work.

When I add in another subdomain, apache then takes my web browser to the parent domain.

As an experiment, I re-wrote my apachehcp.conf file and placed the parent domain AFTER the last subdomain. I was able to correctly go to the subdomain afterwards.

I understand that this file will be periodically re-written by ehcp, so I need to be able to re-order the domains as they appear in ehcp. How do I do this? is it as simple as altering the index number of the domain in the database?

Thank you for your time...

--jason brooks

Bug report #1166898 filed yesterday on launchpad

solved and uploaded , as said in bug report too.
should work now.
read bug report for more detail.