EHCP is one piece of good software, but. Update quota er no effect!

Just to congrats you... EHCP Panel is the result of a brilliant mind thinking...

I have run EHCP on my development server for a few years, but with your 0.30.9 release we decided to put it on a live production server. Very good work - it's GUI is very intuitive and easy to use.

I just have one bug to report...

When updating the disk quota on a site, you go in to the panel user account and change the quota value. The new value is then listed under that panel user. but it dos not effect the quota of the site related to the panel user. I found a workaround by going to pmpmyadmin ehcp_db and change it directly there.
Could be nice if this worked...

And I have one feature request.
I haven't had time to go through your php code for the "one click" installer scripts. But if I understand correctly, then you pull the install scripts from developer sites.
What I would like was, to be able to create my own installation script with content placed locally in a folder on the server. It would give 2 major benefits, 1. we could add our own CMS package. 2. We could maintain version upgrade scripts for our clients.

It's kind of tricky to install a skin and upgrade roundcube. would really like to have your opinion on this topic.


bug report: ok. I will deal with that. (you can also use to report bugs.)

feature req: this actually can be done.
there is a field in scripts db, "commandsaftercopy" you can put here any commands you wish. Whit those commands, you can build any installer/script you wish.