How to run multiple website's for clients

I am wondering how to possible run mulitple websites from one ip address. I would like to run different websites for customers on my server. I seen your hosting panel and figured i would give it a shot. I am just wondering how could i do this and also how to restrict user's from resellers also. Basicly i want to run a server like godaddy for customer's with like cpanel but instead of cpanel your panel. Is it possible and if so is there a tut to show me how to. Thank you and good panel, would be better with out ad ons. I also plan on donating if all goes well with this panel.

first, i should say you that, a hosting control panel is made for multiple websites..
To host multiple websites of your own or of your customers,
just setup a Ubuntu or Debian Linux, then setup ehcp on it..

Then, buy/get a main domainname for your server, such as,
redirect it to your server ip,
then setup new domains on your server, yourself or your resellers...
say Your customers your dns as: and ip as ip of your server, or ip of your router/modem if you are behind a router/modem..

this way, you will be able to host many domains in a server.
if you setup a reseller on your ehcp, other users will not be able to see resellers settgins...

there are four level of authentication in ehcp, and in most control panels:
1- Server admin, can manage almost anything (admin user in ehcp)
2- Reseller admin, can resell hosting, cannot manage server, created by server admin,
3- domain admin, can only change settings of his/her domain, can setup emails for his/her domain, can create dbs, cannot control reseller or server admin; set up by reseller admin,
4- email users: can only change email password, setup forwardings,

As a comparison,
This is not a math comparison, :)
Server Admin > Reseller > Domain admin > Email user

you may also try guides at

Can you use your panel to control multiple websites off one ip address, i seen that you can on apache, ISS, etc. but off linux with your panel?

you can use ehcp to setup/control multiple websites on one ip address. By saying "control", i mean setup hosting, password protected domains, emails etc... You cannot for example control a CMS that is installed inside a site, by means of ehcp... Btw, note that ehcp is not a replacement for apache, iss.. it uses apache as web server... ehcp is a server admin control panel...