Noob Help With EHCP

Hi Everybody,

I'm new to the site so just wanted to say Hi!

I have set up a server using ubuntu and EHCP and have managed to install everything ok and without any major issues.

Unfortunately my problem is that I have now created a new domain using EHCP and although the location has been created on my actual server, I am not able to access the domain using

Like I say, I am newbishly new to all of this, I was just wondering if this way maybe a permissions issue, or whether I need to set some further permissions etc?

Any help would be much appreciated, many thanks.


domains cannot be accessed that way,
use hosts file technique for accessing domains through ip.
search on this site

Is there any chance of explaining why? I don't get why I can't just access everything inside vhosts? Is it really that difficult to change! It's only a local server...

it is possible to change.

edit /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/default
and change path /var/www/new to /var/www
restart apache2

this way,
you can access your domains like: