Translation to Portuguese

Because i really like ehcp, and i need to give some free host, i'll have to translate it to Portuguese.
Does anyone wanna help me? I'll do it anyway, but with help it'll be faster.


sure somebody helps,

basicly, you need to edit template files at ehcp/templates
below templates folder, you may choose to translate default or xp2 template,

other than templates, you may translate file at ehcp/languages/
dont forget to rename files ...._en.html to ...._port.html , i dont know what is shortage for portuguese is..

you may find additional info on following posts:

if you wish to donate free hosting, reseller or vps or dedicated server, you may contact me, send me reseller info or vps info you can donate,
Absolutely we need such hosting, either to host ehcp files or to continue to this project for our other hosting needs...
I need almost all type of help/donate...

nice to hear that you liked ehcp. ehcp's philosopy is: easy installation, easy usage, easy programming, fast, lightweight, works, usable,

nice to meet you,

I had finished the translation of xp2. The translation is not 100% perfect, and Monday i will talk with some friends to help me choosing the corrects words (we cannot translate letter-by-letter, because they've diferent meanings!). And my english is not perfect too!
Now i'm having a problem, how can i use this translation? Inside xp2 folder i have "en" and "pt". I had changed the "default language" to pt, but i still can't use it.
What should i do?
Another think, this translation was made to Portuguese from Portugal (not from Brazil). Of course that it's almost the same, and portuguese can read brazilan and vice versa, but some words are different. For example, to portuguese, password is "palavra chave". To Brazilian, password doesn't have a translation. There're other fews diferences, but that's not a big problem.

About The hosting support, i'll send you a private message to talk about that. If you want, i can send you the translation too.

sory i found a bug on it and fixed it in my local copy, will be released with next version,

You may do it yourself as following:

Way 1:
You should enter on address line as, each time you login,

Way 2:
or alternatively,just overwrite en files with yours :)

Way 3, permanently:
open classapp.php in your ehcp dir,

replace function loadConfig with following:

function loadConfig(){

if(!$this->checkConnection('config load')) return false;

$miscconfig=$this->loadConfigIntoArray("select * from misc where panelusername is null or panelusername=''");
#$this->output.="Loading config. ".print_r2($miscconfig)."";

foreach($miscconfig as $name=>$value)
case 'dnsip' : $this->conf['dnsip']=trim($value);break;
case 'adminname' : $this->conf['adminname']=trim($value);break;
case 'adminemail' : $this->conf['adminemail']=trim($value);break;

#$this->output.="dnsip: ".$this->conf['dnsip'];
# get defaultlanguage value from db, options, misc table..
if($this->miscconfig['defaultlanguage']) $this->defaultlanguage=$this->miscconfig['defaultlanguage'];

if($this->conf['dnsip']=='') {
$this->output.="your dns/server ip is not set.
this causes ehcp/dns/bind/named to malfunction
please set it in your Settings";

# other settigns, template, session etc..

$this->template=$_SESSION['template']; # load template in session if any..
if ($this->template=='') $this->template=$this->miscconfig['defaulttemplate'];

return true;


in fact, only one line added: $this->setLanguage($this->defaultlanguage);
which is missing, i just forgot it after some code cleanup... :)

I did a translation in the theme ubuntu to Portuguese.
To download follow the link below:

Fiz uma tradução do tema ubuntu para português.
Quem quiser fazer o download siga o link abaixo:


thanks for nice work and contribution.