Updating easy install scripts (one click installs)

to update your easy install scripts, download and apply http://www.ehcp.net/scriptsupdate.sql.html to your mysql

the list of scripts/programs in this update:

scriptname | description
cms- joomla - 1.5.4 |
cms- joomla - 2.5 |
phpbb Forum script-3.02-tr |
cms - drupal 6.6 |
CMS - xoops |
netoffice Online Project Management |
phpmyadmin 3.0 |
blog - b2evolution 2.4.5 |
cms - wordpress |
phpfreechat |
cms - modx |
cms - e107 |
cms - tikiwikicms - Huge ! |
osCommerce |
Gallery - Coppermine |
cms - cmsmadesimple |
cms - e-xoops |
cms - MemHT 4.01 |
Mediawiki 1.13.2 |
ecommerce-Magento |
osTicket 1.6 rc5 |
forum - smf 1.1.7 |
ecommerce - ZenCart |
Gallery 2.3 |
course - moodle 1.9.5 |
phpAuction 3.3 gpl |
Crafty Syntax Live Help |
openrealty 2.5.5 |
ehcp webmail |
ehcp itself |
phpmotion | video sharing cms-youtube like-requires many additional settings
clip-bucket | video sharing script like youtube
lime survey | survey script
php-calender | calendar
symphony cms | cms
sitracker - helpdesk | helpdesk-ticket
chive - mysql admin | mysql administration
sqlbuddy - mysql admin | mysql administration
mybb forum | forum script/program
Collabtive | project management-groupware script/program
webid | auction program

if you are a developer of want to ask us a question, you may contact us , or directly click on suggest script in our demo, or reply here as comment..


ehcp actually does not include many software,
ehcp only installs most software by apt-get...

if you say which packages of debian/ubuntu you need,
i may help you...

you may install that package simpley by "apt-get install packagename " in console.

if that is a package usually used in hosting environment, i may include it in default ehcp installation...

see you...

ehcp ver 0.29 and later includes curl, as you requested..
you may manually install it as apt-get install php5-curl


Tried to run the second script to update but get this error:


SQL query:

INSERT INTO `scripts` (`id`, `scriptname`, `homepage`, `filetype`, `fileinfo`, `scriptdirtocopy`, `commandsaftercopy`) VALUES (1, 'cms- joomla - 1.5.4', NULL, 'directurl', 'http://www.joomlatr.org/downloads/Joomla_1.5.5-Stable-Full_Package_tr.zip', '', 'cp /dev/null configuration.php\r\nchmod a+w configuration.php'), (2, 'phpbb Forum script-3.02-tr', NULL, 'directurl', 'http://download.phpbbturkey.net/phpBB-3.0.2-tr.zip', 'phpBB3', 'chmod a+w cache\r\nchmod a+w files\r\nchmod a+w store\r\nchmod a+w config.php\r\nchmod a+w images/avatars/upload/\r\n'), (3, 'cms - drupal 6.6', NULL, 'directurl', 'http://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/drupal-6.6.tar.gz', 'drupal-6.4', 'cp ./sites/default/default.settings.php ./sites/default/settings.php\r\n\r\nchmod -Rvf a+w ./sites/default\r\n'), (4, 'CMS - xoops', NULL, 'directurl', 'http://switch.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/xoops/xoops-', 'xoops-', NULL), (5, 'netoffice Online Project Management ', NULL, '[...]

MySQL said: Documentation
#1054 - Unknown column 'homepage' in 'field list'

List of applications still seems to be intact though.

Best regards and marry christmas from RT, Norway (I am off to lunch ;-D )

if you run script at http://www.ehcp.net/scriptsupdate.sql.html there should be no error. is there ?

if you have custom settings and want to add these , modify your scripts table to have homepage field with varchar 50.
you may use phpmyadmin to add a column/field to your scripts table...

i think i look old article, mmm i have to look new one.