howto modify default templates, appearance of your pages

ehcp uses database for storing templates.
goto phpmyadmin,
ehcp db
html table,
you see there rows that contain template_en, template_tr and so on..

if you modify field htmlkodu for template_en, you modify template for english lang.

dont remove tag for {ickisim}
it is a placeholder for homepage.

for instance, you may try following sql for an empty template:
(these codes run on phpmyadmin or mysql console,
first sql backup your existing template_en

use ehcp;
update html set id='template_en_bck' where id='template_en';
insert into html (id,htmlkodu) values ('template_en','Empty Template: {ickisim}');

db templates deprecated with/after ver 0.28 .

I decided to remove db based template system with filebased one, because many designers are unfamiliar with db issues... wants plain html files...

So, if you wish to re-design template,
go to