Moving forward with ehcp, Multi-Server, representatives

(Sory if you received multiple emails about this.)

We are moving forward with ehcp. Designing new features, new concepts. Now, I am working hard on multi-server concepts, with the idea helps of securitywonks and other friends/sponsors. With multi server ehcp, you will be able to control multiple web/dns servers from one single point, effectively.

At the same time, I am trying to shape ehcp to be more structured both coding and team. So, I am now looking for some people to be responsible/head/executive for specific tasks of ehcp. They will coordinate accordingly tasks.

I am looking for:
Documentation responsible/head/executive,
Testing responsible/head/executive,
Programming responsible/head/executive, (actually this is new at moment)
Security responsible/head/executive,
graphical/html/visual designer responsible/head/executive,
Sponsors/Advertise/Financial affairs head, (currenlty, biggest sponsor is securitywonks)
other related people..

Also, world/continental/country representatives for ehcp,
Representative for America continent,
Representative for Asia continent,
Representative for Europe continent,
Representative for Africa continent,
Representative for oceania continent,
Representative for Antarctica continent,
(All volunteer)

If anybody wants to join the team, please contact me. All will be volunteer. In future we may have some good points in this project, all together.


Hey! i found ehcp few weeks ago after installing a ubuntu server then trying other hosting alternatives but found this the most easiest to install and operate.. for the last week i have been designing and editing my own template based on my business colors and what i like in a website im still designing it but i like ehcp and would like to be a bigger part with this project(i think it has huge potential) so if you need any help im free most days so got alot of time on my hands, im mostly a designer(logos and mockups etc.)but also know a little bit of coding but learning something new everyday but going through how other coders work, so if you need anything i can do anything even write up pdf tutorials and howto's hope to hear from you soon.

Matt Tipping
Techwiz Queensland | WizHost

Thank you for your interest in ehcp. I am also happy that you saw the potentical of ehcp. as you stated, the most important aspect of ehcp is its easiness, both easy installation and easy programming (this is our goal, maybe not met in all cases).

I think that you can be very useful in visual aspects (html/css/graphic design) and documentation. So, I see you as a member of "visual aspects" and "documentation team". I am writing you in my team documentation.
You may continue learning ehcp (in fact, not many to learn) and its topics, then, prepare/rewise documentation. You may also develop/refine templates for it. I will send you my thoughts about template needs.

Please you and all contributors/developers/coders join the team.

Thanks, see you.

Good morning,

Let me know how I can help here from South Africa.

Running 4 Private Ubuntu servers with EHCP.



Derick Nieuwoudt

You and anyone that whishes to join the team,
Please tell about yourself, your experience, at which field do you work, php program? designer ?
in fact, you may find the list of help needs at

I will also send a file to your email.

I would like to work / head up the testing area if needed. I have a server we can use running esx. I can also provide throwaway address for access.

Nice to meet you as testing team leader,
As you may guess, you will be responsible for doing tests for each function of ehcp, you also will coordinate testing team (currently only you).

Please start directly with new upcoming version (0.29.15) of ehcp, which will be a multiserver enabled one. you may download from I update this file whenever I modify the sources on my (or developer team) side.

I suggest you to prepare a testing plan, such as test this,this and this...

Currently, that version does multserver_add_domain, uses a separate webserver, cannot delete completely remote domain, We are working on it.

see you,

Sounds good. Got ur email also

ehcp mysql in ehcp_yeni.tgz is corrupted because of commented line "insert into domain....." which contains 2 lines, and the comment applies only to the first one

vhost "echp" missing in vhosts folder
i found it in the folder /new. don't know what is doing there, maybe same thing as phpmyadmin, which is available only with the ip address. anyway

now, I updated ehcp_yeni.tgz
fixed a few minor things. should work now.

Yea, something has changed and i confirm with a vm install