installing ubuntu 10.04

I have a static ip from my isp.

The isp provided me with

ip address:

During the ubuntu install I have come to a question of
Configure the network

The name servers are used to look up host names
on the network.

Please enter the IP addresses (not the host names)
of up to 3 name servers, separated by spaces.

Do not use commas. The first name server in the
list will be the first to be queried. If you don't
want to user any name server, just leave this field
Do I enter dns1 and dns2 like this?

Name server addresses:

The reason I ask this is I want to do a fresh install and have it ready for ehcp.
And I seem to be have trouble with DNS setup so I want to
make sure I got this correct.
Thanks guys

yes, in box 1, enter:

on box2 for dns, enter:

dont forget that, this is the dns setting for your server access the internet. it has no relation to your hosting. there is separate dns operation for dns. but, if this dns is wrong, your server will not be able to send email or do something.

I got the above done, for sure now I am confused about
DNS. I guess more on that later.

The next thing I come to is configure courier-base.

Now at this point I am in the middle of installing echp.
I already did: wget
cd ehcp

then I get this:
configure courier-base
Courier uses several configuration files in /etc/courier.
Some of these files can be replace by a subdirectory whose contents are concatenated and treated as a single, consolidated, configuration file.

The web-based administration provided by the courier-web admin package relies on configuration directories instead of configuration files. If you agree, any directories needed for the web-based administration tool will be created unless there is already a plain file in place.

Create directories should I choose yes or no?

And sir could I please get a explanation as to why I should or should not choose yes or no.

you may choose both yes or no, no matters.
that is a webbased interface provided by courier (i never saw it), and we do not use it with ehcp. we dont need to use it, AFAIK.