Configuring domains on dedicated server with external hosting


Rather new to this. I am a web developer who is working with a company running a dedicated server with external hosting. We need to understand how to properly configure DNS to be able to point to the hosting machine.

This is where we're confused. The hosting currently has it's own hostname (dserv71-mtl3) and static IP address.

From my understanding, EHCP will allow access to any of the domains configured in it- nameservers are ns1. and ns2., where is the name of the domain installed/configured in the EHCP control panel.

Documentation on this site has indicated to add these domain names AND THE EXTERNAL IP ADDRESS (the dedicated server running on the hosting in our case) in the domain registrar settings for the domain in question.

In the utility to set nameservers for the domains registered, there is no provision to enter an IP address, only the nameserver values. Will the domain name resolve properly without entering the IP address?

Almost all information I've seen on this site refers to sites configured on a local network running Ubuntu- we're running this on a server hosted externally. Basic stuff, but this is a commercial site and we don't want to take the site down without having a proper understanding of exactly how to configure the domain name /nameserver

* ehcp is both usable on internal networks and dedicated networks, data centers.
* you should use always real/external ip, while configuring your ehcp and nameservers in registrars.
* in domain registrars, there should be either " dns->ip pair", or "register dns section". some registrars require a "register dns" section only once for a server. after you register one of your domains as "nameserver" (ns1.yourdomain, ns2.yourdomain) you may use that in that registrar. some registrars do not require this, and you may enter directly
ns1.yourdomain->ip pair.

* and contains many information about this. I do not write very detailed information about these subjects, because it may become very complicated if I explain every small step; somebody try to read everything, and gets confused.

* in fact, in ehcp, it is quite easy to make a domain running. just add it in ehcp, then redirect it to your server from domain registrar. thats it. ehcp handles all dns settings in server side.

Thank you very much for your information- it's as I was thinking, but I didn't want to create a series of complex problems for us.

So, by only adding the nameserver the domain should resolve?

The problem is I do not see any place to enter the IP address in the management of the domain(s). The domains are allready registered, and this is a management issue. There is a note on the site that reads:

"To specify your IPv6 name server address (IPv6 glue record), e-mail us the domain name, the host name of the name server(s), and their IPv6 address(es)."

Although from what I understand, EHCP installed on Ubuntu isn't using IPv6, so I don't know what good this would do.

I imagine it's best to get in contact with network solutions and see how to proceed.

ipv6 is not mandatory in internet yet, so, your domains will resolve without it too. you may just ignore it at the moment.
nevertheless, you may define it in normal dns(bind) settings too, in ehcp or ehcp dns templates.

do not forget to "register nameserver" or add "dns->ip pair" in network sol.